The infinite drawings of this artist paying homage to Stranger Things are a hit on TikTok

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-21 18:06:02

Stranger Things never ceases to excite and inspire fans of the series. Last August, it was a digital artist who published on TikTok a work that was original… and infinite, to say the least. A little preview in this article.

Credit: Netflix

It took time for Alireza Shahbazi, a artist digital which regularly publishes its creations on his social networks, including TikTok, to create his most popular work to date. If the artist's drawings are generally seen thousands of times, there is one in particular that has attracted the attention of 14.3 million Internet users.

It's not just any drawing like the ones he shares with his subscribers, however successful they are, of characters like Shrek, de Po de Kung-Fu Panda or the Minions of Me, ugly and mean . It is this time the second most viewed series on Netflix: Stranger Things .

Infinite drawings on Stranger Things

Stranger Things has the gift of inspiring creators of all kinds. And it's not Alireza Shahbazi who will say otherwise. The two illustrations dedicated to the Duffer brothers' series are among the most viewed on his TikTok account.

The peculiarity of the young man? He drew endless works on Stranger Things . For this, Alireza Shahbazi uses the Endless Paper application from the App Store. Thus, a drawing actually hides another drawing accessible by zooming in or zooming out, ad infinitum.

The artist gives us a demonstration of one minute and thirty seconds in his videos and the result is impressive. Each drawing thus represents a key moment of each season as he zooms in on his creation. The result is playful and breathtaking. Judge for yourself in the videos below.