The incredible transformation of 'the hairiest girl in the world', suffering from a rare disease

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-19 15:48:01

Supatra Sasuphan is a young woman with Ambras Syndrome: she has a lot of hair all over her body and face. But for a very special occasion, the young woman has transformed.

Supatra Sasuphan became known in 2010 by entering the Guinness Book of Records for a particularity like no other. Indeed, the young girl was nicknamed “the hairiest girl in the world”.

Supatra has Ambras Syndrome, a very rare condition that causes significant hairiness all over the body and on the face. No treatment exists to cure this disease and since the 16th century, only about fifty people have been affected by this syndrome in the world.

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When it became public, Supatra's story touched the whole world. Despite her difference, the young girl fully asserts herself and has always been respected and accepted by other children of her age.

'I don't feel any difference from other people and I have a lot of friends at school. Being so hairy makes me special” , had confided the girl.

She decides to shave her hair

Supatra does not suffer from its difference since it has made it a strength and is very proud of it today. The young woman even decided to share her daily life on social networks to assert herself even more. A few years ago, the young woman surprised her community by posting a very special photo.

Crédit photo : Supatra Sasuphan

In the photograph, we can see that the young woman had decided to shave her face. Only his hair , and if Supatra made such a decision, it was on the occasion of his marriage.

Today, Supatra is 23 years old and is undergoing treatment to reduce her hairiness. She also decided to shave her fur when they get too long.

Source : Marie-France