The hunter's moon resulted in some great shots this Sunday, October 9

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-11 17:25:02

Discover the most beautiful photos of the full hunter's moon, which lit up the celestial vault on October 9.

If you had your eyes fixed on the sky in the night from Saturday to Sunday, the Moon certainly looked fatter and more dazzling than ever.

And for good reason, our satellite was adorned with its most beautiful clothes of light for the October full moon - or hunter's moon - which traditionally heralds the onset of severe cold weather.

The hunter's moon immortalized around the world

On this occasion, many curious people immortalized this fantastic spectacle, which gave very beautiful shots, as you can see below.

Others, however, like this Twitter user, were a little less lucky due to somewhat capricious clouds.

As is customary each year when this event occurs, many photos showing this full moon above cities and other monuments have also been shared on social networks.

Chance of the calendar, the launch of a Falcon 9 from the company SpaceX took place almost at the same time (October 8 in the evening at 23:06 GMT editor's note). A coincidence that made it possible to witness a breathtaking scene, when the machine passed just in front of the star.

A certain Michael Seeley captured this unique moment, giving us a very impressive video that he shared on Twitter.

Trevor Mahlmann, photographer specializing in rocket photos, also immortalized this magical moment and his shot is absolutely perfect.

Finally, note that the next full moon will rise on November 8 and the last of the year, which is called the 'Cold Moon', will occur on December 7.