The cup is full for hunters, worried about being banned...alcohol

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-16 16:36:02

While the senate is considering establishing a blood alcohol control for hunters, the latter are crying foul.

Presented Wednesday, September 14 by senators, the report on hunting safety includes a proposal that makes the hunters .

The document suggests imposing on hunting the rules in force for road safety in terms of fuel consumption. alcohol and narcotics.

Recalling that ' hunting while intoxicated is not strictly prohibited “, the report therefore calls for greater rigor on the issue.

Blood alcohol checks carried out by forest guards, on the model of those carried out on motorists, could therefore see the light of day in the future.

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Senators want to ban booze for hunters

Recalling that 9% of hunting accidents are related to alcohol, the parliamentarians thus propose “ to prohibit alcohol and the use of narcotics while hunting ».

An eventuality that is of course not to the liking of hunters, starting with the first representative of the latter, Willy Schraen.

« What right do you have to reserve that for hunters, a drunk guy on a bike is dangerous too “, declared the big boss of the Federation of hunters, questioned by AFP.

Same story with Alain Messal, hunter in Haute-Garonne. ' Enough is enough (…) We are made to pass for assassins, we are in caricature, on things that are unfounded. Today, the hunter is not an alcoholic, that's not true! Hunting is no longer that “, plague the interested party at the microphone of RMC.

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As a reminder, the senatorial mission on hunting was set up last November, following a petition launched in the wake of the death of a 25-year-old young man shot dead by a hunter in the Lot.

Source : RMC