The candidates of 'France has an incredible talent' dazzle the jurors, do not miss episode 3

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-31 08:52:56

Tuesday, October 25, viewers of “France has an incredible talent” discovered the second episode of the cult M6 show. One thing is certain: the level of competition is likely to intensify in the coming weeks.

The second episode of season 17 of ' France has an unbelievable talent », broadcast on Tuesday October 25 on M6, has kept all its promises. It must be said that the services offered by the candidates were as impressive as each other. Without further ado, discover our three favorites of the evening below.

And the least we can say is that the first participant has set the bar very high.

A young magic virtuoso dazzles the jury

Armed with his face and his decks of cards, Ferdinand, 13, presented a high-level magic trick in front of a captivated audience.

His neat and complex number impressed the jury, including Éric Antoine, who gave the schoolboy a well-deserved ovation: 'TO 13 years old, I did not have a tenth of your technical level (…) It's well written, it's clever, it's extremely virtuosic. Cheer ! “Launched the magician to the schoolboy.

Photo credit: M6

A freestyle motocross act in the air

During the evening, presenter Karine Le Marchand and the jurors left the set to go to a vacant lot, where they attended the aerial performance of the “Potes Freestylers”.

The three candidates put on a spectacular show of freestyle motocross. The professionals performed a series of somersaults in the air. The performance did not fail to give the spectators cold sweats. Unsurprisingly, the driving aces got their ticket for the rest of the adventure.

A stunning number! Photo credit: M6

Photo credit: M6

This soft yarn prodigy proves his mastery of this rare discipline

For his part, Antino Pansa conquered Marianne James, Hélène Ségara, Sugar Sammy and Éric Antoine with his soft yarn act, a very rare and difficult discipline that requires years of practice. On stage, the young man multiplied the acrobatics brilliantly. His grace, his poetry and his elegance allowed him to collect the four yeses to access the next stage.

Photo credit: M6

The “France has incredible talent” adventure continues

As you will have understood, the evening was placed under the sign of emotion. But rest assured! The third episode of “France has an incredible talent”, which will be broadcast on Tuesday, November 1 on M6 , looks just as breathtaking. See you from 9:10 p.m. for the show!