The Bigdil: the cult game show could be back on television

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-06 19:42:03

Nostalgia alert! The cult program 'Le Bigdil' presented by Vincent Lagaf could make a comeback on television. In any case, this is what a columnist from TPMP suggests.

Remember! On February 2, 1998, the whole of France discovered “Le Bigdil”, a game show broadcast on TF1 and presented by Vincent Lagaf’. Very quickly, the emission is a great success, in particular thanks to the presence of Bill, a virtual extraterrestrial recognizable thanks to his blue color.

Vincent Lagaf' and Bill the extraterrestrial. Photo credit: TF1

You may not know it, but the television show was followed every evening by more than 6 million viewers, before stopping definitively in 2004, after seven seasons and 1395 episodes.

The Bigdil: soon to be back on television?

While a rumor evoked a new version of the game from the 2000s, columnist Guillaume Genton hastened to drop a bomb on Wednesday October 5 on the TPMP set.

According to his information, the cult show could well be making a comeback on television: “ I have a little info on TF1. They want to relaunch the Bigdil with Vincent Lagaf'. So they offered him to host a bonus event and he would have accepted “, revealed the journalist.

And the least we can say is that this information made Benjamin Castaldi react: “ Since the time he announced that he wanted to return to TF1 at the same time “, launched the former star predator of “ Secret Story ».

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