The 2022 drone photo competition has revealed its winners and here are the best photos awarded

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-12 16:19:03

The Siena Awards Photo Contest has revealed the winners of the 2022 Drone Photo Awards. And the photo at the top of the list is mind-blowing.

Notice to enthusiasts of photography , you should like it. The famous Siena Awards photo competition revealed the winner of the Drone Photo category of 2022 a few days ago.

Credit: Armand Sarlangue

A powerful shot

Among thousands of photos, the jury selected in first place the shot taken a few hundred meters from the main crater of the Fagradalsfjall volcano in Iceland, by the French photographer Armand Sarlangue. This impressively powerful shot was titled “The Big Bang” and was unanimously voted “Photo of the Year 2022”. And we must admit that she is stunning.

Credit: Yura Borschev

In other categories, other clichés also caused a stir. In particular, Yura Borschev's “After the sand of the storm” photograph which represents a basketball court in the middle of the desert buried under the sand. In the wedding category, we find the photo of Nikita Dukhnik representing a face and a couple.

An incredible photo

Finally, in the Nature category, we discover an incredible shot in the open sea with a shark. This year, 2,624 photographers took part in the famous world photography contest by drone spread over 116 countries.

credit: Nikita Dukhnik

We let you discover in pictures the most beautiful shots.

Credit : Binh Nguyen Credit: David Rouge Credit: Daniel Koszela Credit : Jose Pesquero Gomez Credit : Serhiy Vovk

Source : Siena Awards