The 12 Best Harry Potter Advent Calendars of 2022

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-10 15:12:04

Are your children fans of Harry Potter? Give them a great gift before Christmas: an advent calendar inspired by the universe of the saga. We have selected the twelve best for you, all you have to do is choose.

The magic of Christmas combined with the magic of Hogwarts. For an early gift to a “Potterhead” (read: a fan of Harry Potter) , opt for a Harry Potter advent calendar! During the twenty-four days before Christmas, he will discover figurines, accessories and other objects inspired by the cult saga to collect. Something to please children but also adults. To help you choose, we have selected for you the twelve best Harry Potter advent calendars of 2022 . It's up to you to draw!

12 Best Harry Potter Advent Calendars

1. The Harry Potter Funko Pop Advent Calendar

In the boxes of the Funko Pop calendar you will find twenty-four figures from the characters emblematic of the magic saga: Harry Potter of course, but also Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger or Hagrid and many more. Figures to collect and display.

Price : 99.95 euros on Amazon

2. The 2022 Harry Potter Lego Advent Calendar

Lego minifigures inspired by the Harry Potter films? This is what you will find under the boxes of the Lego advent calendar: Harry Potter, Sirius Black, Mimi Whining, Lord Voldemort, Horace Slughorn, Nymphadora Tonks and Neville Longbottom. But you will also discover accessories and mini-constructions. In the first three windows, you will find items from the first movie, in the next three, figurines from the second movie, and so on. Enough to make the magic last until Christmas.

Price : 34.99 euros on Amazon

3. The Harry Potter Lego Advent Calendar recreating the Yule Ball scene at Hogwarts

In this second Lego Advent Calendar, you'll have minifigures of Harry Potter, Fermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Padma and Parvati Patil and Cho Chang, dressed for the Yule Ball in Hogwarts as well as buildable models to recreate the scene from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, like the caress of Beauxbatons.

Price : 34.89 euros on Amazon

4. The Official Warner Bros Entertainment Studio Limited Edition Harry Potter Advent Calendar

The limited-edition advent calendar designed by Warner Bros. Entertainment Studio was created for girls and young women. It contains accessories inspired by the saga such as Gryffindor socks, Hogwarts stickers, as well as badges, hair accessories, laces, bracelets, key rings and even stationery.

Price : 54.99 euros on Amazon

5. The Official Harry Potter Advent Calendar

Erasers, stickers, laces, pages, keychains, notebooks... that's all you'll find and much more in the windows of the official Harry Potter calendar for children, boys or girls. Magical little gifts to wait until Christmas.

Price : 27.99 euros on Amazon

6. Harry Potter Cinereplicas Advent Calendar

In the Cinereplicas advent calendar, developed under the Warner Bros license, you will find twenty-four exclusive gifts related to the universe of the saga. Something to please the biggest fan of the wizard.

Price : 29.99 euros on Amazon

7. Cinereplicas Harry Potter Deluxe Advent Calendar

In its deluxe version, the Harry Potter Cinereplicas Advent Calendar (under the Warner Bros license) which will offer fans jewelry, socks, accessories, stationery and other gifts with the image of the Hogwarts houses and wizards of the saga. This advent calendar has been developed in strict compliance with the Warner Bros. license.

Price : 54.95 euros on Amazon

8. The official Harry Potter 2022 book advent calendar

A grimoire-style calendar of magic with the effigy of Hedwig, the adorable owl of the star wizard of Hogwarts, this is the new design of the 2022 edition of the official Harry Potter calendar. And inside: twenty-four exclusive surprises to discover every day with Christmas.

Price : 77.17 euros on Amazon

9. Harry Potter Jewelery Box Advent Calendar

For young girls or teenagers, this jewelry box calendar is ideal: it contains twenty-four clip-on charms inspired by the Harry Potter universe. And, once emptied, it turns into a jewelry box to keep.

Price : 28.99 euros on Amazon

10. Dujardin Toys Harry Potter Advent Calendar

Dujardin Toys offers a rotating box filled with collectibles inspired by the Harry Potter universe: stuffed animals, badges, key rings and much more. Magical gifts for a Potterhead.

Price : 39.90 euros on Amazon

11. Harry Potter Gallimard Youth Advent Calendar

A ticket to Hogwarts with a letter of admission, but also objects with the effigy of Hedwig, chocolate frog tickets, potion recipes and many other gifts… this is what you will find in the book of Advent imagined by Gallimard jeunesse.

Price : 29.90 on (with standard delivery at 0.01 euros)

12. The Advent Calendar Filled with Harry Potter Socks

House-elves would be delighted to have such a nice gift! In each box of the calendar hides a sock with the image of Harry Potter, Hogwarts, Hedwig or even Gryffindor house . AND at Christmas, you have twelve pairs of socks (one size).

Price : 45.99 euros on Cdiscount (free delivery)