Terrifier 2: this horror film punctuated by violent scenes makes American viewers vomit

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-20 17:07:01

In the United States, the horror film “Terrifier 2” caused a lot of discomfort and vomiting in the cinema.

« Chainsaw Massacre », « The Exorcist », « Sinister », « Heredity “… Like these horror films , some feature films have managed to mark all generations. It must be said that these productions bring together all the ingredients to plunge us into absolute horror: a good dose of hemoglobin, excessive jump scares or even a frightening supernatural creature.

A horror film causes discomfort in the cinema

Recently, the film 'Terrifier 2', released on October 6 in the dark rooms Americans, made the buzz on social networks. The reason ? It would have caused vomiting and discomfort during the screening because of its bloody, violent and gory scenes.

Photo credit: Dark age cinema

The direct sequel to the first Terrifier (2016) features Art the Clown, a killer who chases a teenage girl and her brother on Halloween night. And the least we can say is that his monstrous crimes have literally made sensitive souls vomit, as these tweets demonstrate.

« My friend passed out and the cinema called an ambulance. Highly recommended “wrote a user after the session. ' Terrifier 2 is so gory I threw up in my popcorn another wrote. ' The guy behind me passed out and fell on my chair (…) I heard another person vomiting violently in the toilet “, outbid yet another user.

Some viewers also pointed to the perversion of the film: “ This is the most disturbing movie I have ever seen. What level of sadism. We were so knocked out we couldn't talk after the end ».

Art the Clown. Crédit Photo : Rotten Tomatoes Indie

The producer of the film speaks

Faced with this situation, the producer of “Terrifier 2”, a certain Steve Barton, spoke on his Twitter account: “ This film contains violent, explicit and brutal scenes “, he said.

Before adding: Those who have a fragile heart, who tend to have discomfort or who have a weak stomach are advised to exercise extreme caution. There have already been many cases of fainting and vomiting in cinemas. For people who want to watch the film, you have been warned ».

On good terms…

Source : RTL info