“Surprise renovation”: Stéphane Plaza and Emmanuelle Rivassoux invite themselves to Gulli with their new decoration program

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-22 11:00:07

Notice to decoration lovers: the tv host and real estate agent Stéphane Plaza will present a new program on Gulli. Its decorator Emmanuelle Rivassoux will also be there.

Interior designer, decorator for Stéphane Plaza in the programs “Maison à vente” and “Mieux chez soi” on M6, Emmanuelle Rivassoux knows the new decoration trends at her fingertips. That's good, the young woman agreed to answer our questions. Follow the leader !

Photo credit: Istock

Emmanuelle Rivassoux is formal: the color blue, eco-responsible furniture and panoramic wallpapers occupy the podium of trends deco to adopt urgently at home.

But that's not all ! Green in all its palette, the variations of terracotta as well as the charcoal hue are the key colors of the season. If you want to enhance your interior, you know what you have to do!

'Surprise renovation: change at home': the new program by Stéphane Plaza and Emmanuelle Rivassoux

Emmanuelle Rivassoux will give valuable decoration advice alongside Stéphane Plaza in 'Surprise renovation: change at home', the new program hosted by the famous real estate agent and broadcast on the channel Gold .

Photo credit: Gulli

The pitch? Transform the life of a family by solving a planning problem. Helped by the children, the duo will have less than a week to succeed in their mission in the greatest secrecy.

One thing is certain: good humor and emotion will be there!