Superheroes visit sick children in several hospitals in France

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-04 12:39:02

At the hospitals of Lyon, Montpellier and Dijon, hospitalized children were surprised to receive visits from several superheroes. An event that brought joy and warmed hearts.

In the afternoon of this Monday, October 3, the children of the Bron Woman-Mother-Child Hospital, at the Lyon Civil Hospices, received a wonderful visit which they did not expect. Indeed, the superheroes Captain America, Spiderman, Batman and Deadpool came to meet them for a few hours.

Photo credit: @PoliceNat69

This event was made possible thanks to four former Raid and GIGN police officers who are today volunteers for the association Super Héros Grand Coeur. The four former police officers give their time to brighten the lives of hospitalized children and bring them moments of happiness in their difficult daily lives.

superheroes in the hospital

The four superheroes descended the facade of the hospital as a reminder and brought a real parenthesis of magic and happiness to the hospitalized children, whose faces were lit up with big smiles.

This event also occurred at the Montpellier hospital, where window cleaners also disguised themselves as Super hero . They also abseiled under the dumbfounded eyes of around thirty children, accompanied by film music. Thus, they were able to greet the children who remained in their room by waving to them through the windows of the hospital.

“We lack dreams because the days are difficult. When you have a little magic with superheroes, it does a lot of good for the children” , said Anne-Karine, mother of a sick little girl at Montpellier hospital.

Photo credit: @disp_dijon

After the abseiling, a snack was organized for the children to spend time with the three superheroes present: Spiderman, Batman and Superman.

The last city to have organized this operation is that of Dijon since this Friday, September 30, Superman, Captain America, Iron Man and Spiderman descended by zip line from the roof of the hospital to bring joy and gifts to hospitalized children.

Source : Progress