Squatted house in Marseille: victory for the owners, the tenant forcibly evicted

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-10 17:46:01

The owners of illegally occupied accommodation were finally able to recover their property, after two long years of fighting.

The thorny affair of the squatted house of Marseille (Bouches-du-Rhône) has just experienced its epilogue!

While they have until now been forced to live in a motorhome, the owners of the lodging finally won their case on Monday, October 15 with the eviction, by the police, of the tenant who illegally occupied the premises.

The latter was nevertheless relocated with her 15-year-old daughter to a hotel, until her situation improved.

Illustrative image. Photo credit: Istock

The owners of the squatted house in Marseille were finally able to recover their accommodation

After two years of a standoff that will have led them to court, Pierre and Maryse Garcia, both retired, will therefore be able to recover their house, located in the 16 and district of Marseille.

The case should never have come to this, however, since their tenant , a certain Nadia, had originally planned to leave the accommodation in 2020 when the couple, who had gone on a trip around the world in a motorhome, had informed her of their intention to recover their house at the end of the lease.

But this Nadia had backtracked, evoking ' a professional downfall '. Pleading good faith, she had also accused the real estate agency in charge of the file of mismanagement.

Nadia, the evicted tenant. Photo credit: screenshot / BFM TV

Justice had finally decided on September 14, summoning her to leave the premises, but an interim appeal filed by her lawyer had however delayed the deadline. This request was rejected by the administrative court on Friday, October 7, which led the police to carry out the eviction.

The end of a long fight for the Garcia spouses who, according to them, spent 18,000 euros in fees to obtain justice.

Source : BFM TV