Squatted house in Marseille: the tenant files an appeal to suspend her exclusion

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-04 12:00:02

New twist in the very complex case of the squatted house in Marseille. Details.

Turnaround in the case of lodging illegally occupied in Marseilles.

While she had announced her intention to leave the home , Nadia, the tenant, has however turned around and is now asking for the suspension of her eviction.

She therefore filed an appeal to this effect on Monday, October 3, while at the same time, the prefecture ordered that she be expelled through the intermediary of the police with her 15-year-old daughter.

A prefectural decision in favor of Pierre and Maryse Garcia, the owners of the accommodation, currently forced to live in a motorhome because of this grotesque situation.

Photo credit: Istock

Nadia, who illegally occupies accommodation in Marseille, asks for the suspension of her eviction

This showdown has been going on for 2 years now!

Since 2020, Pierre and Maryse Garcia, a retired couple, have wanted to recover their accommodation, located in the Estaque district.

But while justice had given them reason, the situation had worsened when Nadia had refused to leave the premises, as long as she did not find a fallback solution. The tenant had also claimed that she was not responsible for this conflict, caused, according to her, by poor management on the part of the real estate agency in charge of the file.

Nadia, the tenant. Photo credit: BFM TV / Screenshot

To prove her good faith, Nadia had even assured the microphone of BFM TV that she was ready to leave the accommodation before Christmas, but justice decided otherwise, not granting her this period of a few weeks.

This is why his lawyer, Me Hervé Seroussi, seized the administrative court of Marseille in order to allow the suspension of the expulsion procedure via what is called a summary release.

« This is a procedure that normally must be heard very quickly, I dare to hope that the prefect will wait for the deliberation of this hearing before implementing the police force to dislodge my client “said the lawyer.

As for Nadia, she expressed her desire to to beat so as not to end up on the street with his daughter.

Case to follow!

Source : BFM TV