South Carolina: 305 dogs destined to participate in canine fights have been saved

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-28 15:03:10

In South Carolina, local authorities and the Humane Society stepped in to dismantle a dogfighting ring. 305 animals were saved.

In South Carolina, an undercover operation in several counties across the country took place, led by the Humane Society and local authorities. The purpose of the operation was to dismantle a combat network of dogs . According to the Ministry of Justice, it would be the largest dismantling ever carried out in the country.

Photo credit: Humane Society

'A joint team of more than 60 federal prosecutors and state law enforcement officers have executed nearly two dozen warrants for various properties in the Midlands region, in what is believed to be the largest ever takedown ever. 'a dogfighting operation in South Carolina history' , according to authorities in South Carolina.

305 dogs were rescued

During this intervention, the Humane Society managed to save 305 dogs destined to participate in combat. Among them, 275 dogs had already fought. During the rescue, the Humane Society helped local authorities handle and shelter the dogs. According to the American organization, many dogs were in a worrying state of health because they were very thin.

The dogs were found chained in cages or outside, without water nor food. Many of them had scars and open sores that needed to be attended to immediately.

Photo credit: Humane Society

Dog fighting can be very dangerous or even deadly for animals and can cause them serious injuries like bruises, broken bones and deep punctures. Dogs can die from excessive blood loss, exhaustion or infection.

20 people were arrested

In addition to successfully rescuing 305 dogs, authorities arrested more than 20 people who were charged with animal cruelty . In South Carolina, owning dogs and using them in fights is a crime punishable by up to five years in prison, under the animal protection law.

Photo credit: Humane Society

“Forcing dogs to fight, often to the death, for the pleasure of others is not only a federal crime, it is also cruel and sadistic. It's really painful to come across seriously injured dogs, who have been left chained to trees or left to languish in a pen instead of being given the care they desperately need.' , said U.S. Attorney Adair F.

During this major dismantling, the authorities therefore saved 305 dogs, arrested 20 people, recovered 30 firearms and $40,000 in cash.

Source : Huffington Post