South Africa: Honey badger faces off against three leopards in epic battle

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-13 11:28:02

Recently, an incredible scene occurred in South Africa's largest game reserve: a mother leopard and her cubs did not hesitate to confront a ratel, aka the most aggressive animal in the world.

« Everything small is nice '. One thing is certain: this saying does not apply to honey badger. The reason ? This mustelid (also known as the “Cape zorilla”) is considered the most aggressive animal in the world.

Photo credit: Istock

With its skin hard as leather and its sharp teeth, this predator does not hesitate to show its claws to protect its territory. And the least we can say is that these leopards just found out the hard way. The latter attacked the small carnivore before seeing their assault turn against them.

«A unique spectacle»

While in the Kruger National Park - the world's largest wildlife sanctuary South Africa -, guide Dan Fiser and business consultant Paola Murguia have the chance to witness a fight between a ratel and three leopards.

Photo Credit: Latest Sightings

« We were parked near a mother leopard and her two cubs, who were sitting on the bank of the Sand River. We followed them as they moved “, explain the witnesses to the site Latest Sightings

Before adding: The two cubs entered the reeds and we heard a loud commotion to which the mother reacted. Then the three felines reappeared in front of us and fought against a ratel ».

Photo credit: Latest Sightings

On the images captured by passers-by, we can see the Cape zorilla defending itself against the big cats: “ The three leopards took turns trying to shoot down the honey badger ', without success. The big cats were surely unaware that the mammal is known to attack animals three larger than itself.

Once the fight was over, the leopards left empty-handed, while the terror of the savannah went away as if nothing had happened: “ It was a unique show ».

Source : Latest Sightings