Shocked Woman Finds Out What Her Electrician Is Doing In Her Home While She's Away

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-20 16:26:04

A woman has told of the shock she went through when she saw CCTV cameras in her home and found out what her electrician was doing while she was away.

On Mumsnet, a site dedicated to parenting, a surfer under the pseudonym of IvyPlant told a surprising story that happened to her. The young woman says she decided to hire a electrician so that he could do work in his house, lasting eight days.

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After the first four days of work for the electrician, the resident decides to take a look at the cameras of video surveillance from his house. But she didn't expect to be shocked looking at the pictures.

An intruder in the house

The electrician was in the house between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m., which was his working hours. However, the resident noticed that the employee let someone into the house when she was not there.

“CCTV footage lance show a tall blonde woman entering the back door and leaving about four hours later” , said the young woman on the forum.

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Taken aback by these images, the resident admitted not knowing how to react. Should she confront the electrician or let him continue his work as if nothing had happened?

“He still has four days to finish the job next week and I don’t like the fact that there is an unknown and uninvited person in my house when I am not there. Besides, how much work can he really do if his mate is there for four hours? » asked the woman.

On her post, the resident also pointed out that the stranger who entered her house was wearing a “pleated skirt”. Thus, it seems impossible that this woman is a colleague of the electrician who came to help him with the work.

Underneath her post, another woman commented that when she was dating an electrician, she sometimes joined him to have sex in his clients' homes. A habit that would be common to many electricians since the woman says that “all his other friends in the trade did it too” . What push the owners to make their works without the help of a professional...

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