She watches 'Nightmare in the kitchen' with Philippe Etchebest and recognizes the one who had defrauded her 8 years earlier

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-14 12:26:02

Recognized by one of its victims, a participant of the program 'Nightmare in the kitchen' had been convicted of fraud.

We can imagine his (unpleasant) surprise!

On September 8, while watching television, Catherine Besson admitted, in a sequence of “ Kitchen nightmare “, the woman who had scammed her 8 years before.

His arms fell off.

Photo credit: M6 / Screenshot

She recognizes her scammer by watching a 'Nightmare in the kitchen' BA on TV

It is in a trailer for the famous show presented by Philippe Etchebest that Catherine saw Isabelle Punjot, the one who had stolen her motorhome in the past.

The latter, now owner of a restaurant in Argelès-sur-Mer, has indeed participated in the flagship program of M6 to try to straighten out her establishment in difficulty.

A participation that does not pass in the eyes of its victim!

« I didn't come back. It's her. She dares to appear “, thus lamented Catherine Bresson, in the columns of the Charente Libre.

« I see that she was helped by a great chef like Etchebest to restart her business, which was not working and will be paid for everything by the production of M6, whereas I, for eight years, have never received the 30 000 euros of damage (…) I accept this display very badly “, she added, disappointed and angry.

To understand his wrath, you have to go back to the 2010s when Isabelle Punjot was guilty of a series of scams throughout France.

At the time, she rented motorhomes on the Leboncoin website but never returned them and disappeared into the wild with the vehicles. This scam, the damage of which was estimated at around 4 million euros, had earned him a 4-year prison sentence, 2 of which were suspended.

Since then, Isabelle Punjot has rebuilt her life and converted to catering, obviously without much success as shown by her participation in the cooking show, which was finally canceled due to the death of Elizabeth II.

Contacted by La Charente Libre, Isabelle Punjot did not seek to hide her past but would like to move on, invoking the right to be forgotten.

« I knew that by going on TV, my past would resurface (…) I made mistakes, it's true. Not everyone can be snow white. I paid, and even heavily for what I did “, she thus retorted.

For its part, M6 declared that the chain was unaware of the past of the participant, affirming that the criminal record provided by the latter was clean.

Source : Free Charente