She takes pictures of her triplets every year, the result is heartbreaking

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-25 19:37:01

To have memories of her children, a mother of triplets decided to take pictures of them every year to see their evolution. The result is shocking.

Karin Scholtz had triplets named Peter, Mark and Dennis. For their 1st anniversary, she had an idea and decided to take her three boys photo with the same clothes, making them hold a sign indicating their age.

Photo credit: Karin Scholtz

The mother decided to take the same photo every year, to immortalize the evolution of her children over the years.

She photographs her children every year

In these beautiful photos, which reflect the lives of the boys, we can see their physical change, but also what has impacted them in life. For example, Karin learned she had Parkinson's disease when her children were 5 years old and in the photo, the three boys looked concerned.

Photo credit: Karin Scholtz

A few years later, their house was destroyed in a fire, but Karin insisted on keeping the tradition and still took the picture.

To follow their respective studies, the triplets had to separate but despite the distance, they always met to take their traditional photo.

Photo credit: Karin Scholtz

Eventually, they met in the same town to be together forever. These photos became invaluable once the children grew up.

Stunning photographs

Unfortunately, Karin was misdiagnosed a few years later when she learned she had a cancerous tumor in her intestine. Upon hearing the news, the triplets decided to live with her to help her. Karin died when the boys turned 27 and despite their mother's absence, they continued to take photos to carry on the tradition.

Photo credit: Mark Scholtz

On their 36th birthday, the three of them took a photo without knowing that it would be the last. A few months later, Peter, one of the triplets, died in a car accident after an epileptic seizure.

Photo credit: Mark Scholtz

Since then, the boys have not continued their photos but keep these precious memories in tribute to their deceased mother and brother.

Source : Youtube