She surprises her mother by covering all the tattoos on her body for a day

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-11 18:05:00

What would this 26-year-old woman look like if she didn't have all her tattoos on her skin? This is what a program tried to discover for a day in order to observe how her mother would react.

Credit: Esquire

Amber is Australian and is a fan of tattoos . Since she was 16, the young woman has continued to cover her body with indelible ink. A real passion for which Amber did not hesitate to spend 130,000 Australian dollars, or 84,206.20 euros.

A staggering sum that Amber does not regret in any way. As she explains on the show Tranformed , on Youtube, her tattoos are like a second skin for her. Harassed in her youth, Amber says her tattoos work like ' an armor that help him deal with his insecurities.

In other words, a part of her identity which is vital to her and without which she could not live. However, for the Transformed show, Amber decided to part with her tattoos for just one day.

Tattoos as armor against trauma

Screenshot: Truly/ Youtube

« It's gonna be super super exciting, considering I haven't seen myself like this since I was very young. Amber admits. It must be said that since he was 16 and his first tattoos scattered on his body, things have changed a lot. Amber's body is now 98% covered in tattoos. The whites of his eyes are stained with blue ink and his tongue is now split in two.

Despite her desire to lend herself to this change imposed by the show, Amber has some apprehensions: “ My childhood trauma of being bullied and all, without my tattoos, it's gonna shake me up a bit ».

For long hours, Amber saw her tattoos disappear under the brushstrokes of the makeup artist professional Suzi. The latter first applied a pink base coat to cover the colors of the tattoos before covering them with a complexion of skin similar to that of the young woman.

“My mom is not the biggest fan of my tattoos”

Screenshot: Truly/ Youtube

At the end of this process, Amber struggled to hide her surprise: Oh my god, f*****. I don't even know how to react. God damn it, I was so basic. I hate it, because I feel like a teenager again, and it really wears me out. I really don't like it at all ».

Once the surprise was over, Amber went to show off her 'new' tattoo-free body to her mom, Vikki. 'She supports my passion, but she's not the biggest fan,' Amber says. To her surprise, Vikki's reaction was just as amazing: ' Where is my daughter? I like you with your tattoos. I'm so used to you being with tattoos ».

« It was a great experience, because you don't often get the chance to step back in time and see what your daughter might have looked like at that age. It was shocking to me. I really liked how she looked then, but I like how she looks now, in the present, with her tattoos ».

Once the show was over, Amber didn't wait another minute to get rid of the makeup that covered her tattoos.

Source : Esquire