She rents her...husband 45 euros to other women to help them with DIY

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-02 18:47:02

Unusual, a Briton has decided to put her husband on a rental and the least we can say is that it works. Details.

Husband to to rent out !

Here is the announcement that a certain Laura Young could very well have posted.

This 38-year-old British mother rents out her husband to other women to help them with odd jobs. DIY .

For 40 pounds sterling (about 45 euros), his big James can lay tiles or carpet or paint.

And it works !

Photo credit: SWNS

His wife rents it out to her neighbors to help them with DIY jobs.

What started out as a good joke turns out to be a genius idea indeed.

James is so in demand that this activity has now become a full-time job since he works 6 days a week. He has even been forced to reduce his hours, so much was called on to his know-how.

« We were forced to refuse work and we reduced our hours (…) we had our own work that we could not even start “, thus told this mother of 3 children on the site LadBible.

The two spouses form a very complementary duo and their small improvised company is doing wonderfully.

While her husband is doing the work for the clients, Laura manages the agenda via a website created for the occasion, which she has called ' Rent My Handy Husband (“Praise my handyman husband”).

Formerly an employee in a warehouse, she finally decided to quit her job to devote herself entirely to this new adventure.

Well she took it, when you see where she is today!

Photo credit: SWNS

From now on, 'Rent My Handy Husband' is a company that does not know the crisis, having been able to develop a loyal clientele.

As the end-of-year celebrations approach, Laura and James have also chosen to please these customers by promising them the installation of pretty electric garlands.

Source : LadBible