She loses her dog in a park and finds him hugging an elderly person

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-06 20:00:02

It all started, Augusta D. was with her pup, Blue, at a local dog park when something happened that rightly worried her. Normally, Blue runs and plays with the other dogs in plain sight. But with a single glance, Blue has become nowhere to be found.

Credit: blueloyalaf / tiktok

“I lost sight of him for a few moments in the Park , among all the other dogs. It is quite large and very frequented by many dogs” entrusted Augusta to our colleagues from The Dodo.

However, against all odds, however, it turns out that Blue was not lost or missing, but had simply put his game with his mistress on hold, for the best of reasons. Clearly, Blue felt that her cheerful, affectionate presence would benefit another walker who was alone on a nearby bench. So he approached and sat down at her feet. That's where Augusta's eyes finally found him, huddled against the man.

Credit: blueloyalaf / tiktok

A very caring dog

It's hard to say for sure how Blue might have felt about the man who made her decide to offer her attention that day, but Augusta suspects his hugs were purposely directed at this elderly person. “Blue finds has a knack for spotting people who need a little more love” Augusta wrote on social media. And truth be told, a little extra love from a nice guy dog as Blue is always welcome.

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Source : The Dodo