She has the longest torso in the world and is compared to the alien from Men in Black

Author: Clark Tos
2023-01-25 14:34:02

Its slender silhouette attracts the curious on social networks. Above all, the 23-year-old has the longest torso in the world. This particularity inevitably brings criticism and it has since been compared to an alien from Men in Black.

Credit: Emmie Lovescows/ Instagram

Emmy Lovescows is a very banal Internet user who likes to share choreographies of dance in his videos TikTok . The young woman also poses regularly in a swimsuit in photos that she shares on Instagram in particular.

Only Emmie has the longest torso in the world. An atypical silhouette that arouses the curiosity of Internet users, but also the criticism of trolls.

Thus, if the attractive and slender physique of the young woman owes her a lot of positive comments, Emmie also paradoxically receives many insults. Recently, a surfer compared his physique to that of a character from Men in Black.

The young woman compared to the alien from Men in Black

Austin Brown, a TikTok user known by the handle @thatbrownguy, compared Emmie's figure with that of the alien Serleena appeared in the second installment of the saga.

« When is the next Men In Black movie coming out? “, writes a user in comment.

The comparison of the young man did not fail to cause the laughter of other Internet users. Despite everything, Emmie's admirers took over their account to defend the young woman.

« Every body is different and there is nothing wrong with that. “recalls a user.

« Her figure is perfect and I don't see any problem. Why is everyone so hateful and jealous? asks another.

For her part, Emmie does not respond to the mockery of Internet users. Probably the best answer.