She discovers her best friend's name tattooed on her boyfriend's body after 3 years of relationship

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-28 17:39:07

On Reddit, a young woman shared a moving testimony: after three years of relationship with her boyfriend, she discovered that he had a secret tattoo representing… the first name of her best friend.

It is common for two close people to decide to make a joint tattoo. This gesture can become a real mark of commitment and a strong symbol, which represents a union. This is even more the case when a person decides to tattoo the name of another on his skin because whatever happens in the relationship, this gesture is final.

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But what would you do if you found out your boyfriend had someone else's name tattooed on his body? This is the situation faced by a woman who posted her story on Reddit. After three years of relationship, she noticed that her boyfriend had a secret tattoo, which he had never told her, and which represents the first name of his best friend. In couple with Tom, she noticed that he had 'Jessica' tattooed under his foot.

“Tom went through a pretty nasty divorce three years before we met and to deal with it he relied heavily on a close friend, Jessica. They talk regularly, hang out regularly, whatever friends would do” , she explained on the social network.

A secret tattoo

When the young woman discovered the first name of her boyfriend's best friend under her foot, she was immediately devastated, especially since Tom hid that tattoo from her for three years. Suspicious, she couldn't help but wonder about the relationship that Tom and Jessica had at the time of the tattoo. Was she just his best friend, or more?

“Tom had just finished a volleyball tournament and had just come out of the showers , she explained. It was beach volleyball and her feet were still wet. As he was cleaning them, I saw the bottom of his foot. I saw that there was Jessica's first name tattooed on the bottom of her foot. I don't know why it bothered me but immediately all my blood drained from my face and I just stood there, speechless. »

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Faced with the incomprehension of his girlfriend, Tom confessed to her that he had done this tattoo when he was single, during an evening spent with Jessica, where they were both drunk. Tom promised his best friend that he would always be there for her and he decided to get his name tattooed to prove it to her, in an impulsive gesture.

He tattoos his best friend's name

Tom also told his girlfriend that he never had a romantic relationship with Jessica and that today the tattoo is just fun and has become anecdotal. However, his girlfriend can't help but have doubts about his relationship with Jessica.

“I was too stunned to speak , she confided. He clearly felt bad. We went to bed without talking much more. I woke up with flowers on the bed this morning, which was sweet, but I'm still struggling with it all a bit. I don't really know what to think. I feel like I would always be in competition with Jess. Tom has a bunch of tattoos and the vast majority aren't meaningless impulsive tattoos. It's hard for me to understand the meaning of it. I feel very, very insecure. »

Faced with such a situation, several Internet users tried to help the young woman by telling her that it was normal for her to feel uncomfortable in the face of such a discovery. Time will tell if she has come to terms with the situation, but in the meantime she dreads every moment spent with Jessica.

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