She decides to get a tattoo... of the Paris metro map on her arm

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-07 13:44:01

A young Parisian has decided to get a tattoo that is original to say the least since it represents the map of the Paris metro. For the young woman, the latter is associated with thousands of memories.

If the Paris metro is a means of transport often hated by the inhabitants of the capital, there are a few exceptions. Indeed, a young Parisian decided to get a tattoo on her arm, representing the plan from the city's metro.

The young woman had dreamed of getting a tattoo since her childhood and of paying homage to her hometown that she loves so much.

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Last September, she finally took the plunge and got her arm tattooed.

A tattoo of the Paris metro

The colored tattoo represents the different lines of the metro Parisian as well as its main axes. To create it, the tattoo artist was inspired by an old metro map. In order to design a clean drawing, some lines are not represented, as is the case of line 3 bis.

All axes of the subway are colored and for aesthetic reasons, some colors have been changed from the original plan. For example, the usually green and brown lines 3 and 11 approach, on the tattoo, the warmer colors to match the rest of the lines.

If this Parisienne decided to have the map of the Paris metro tattooed on her arm, it is not for a story of orientation and the fear of getting lost in the maze of the metro, but because the latter represents thousands of memories for the young woman.

Source : Paris Secret