She catches the bouquet at a wedding, her sister gets mad at her for a shameful reason

Author: Clark Tos
2023-01-31 14:12:02

A young woman, preferring to remain anonymous, has drawn the wrath of her sister at the wedding of friends. The latter accuses him of having drawn too much attention to her and her partner.

Credit: Pexels/Pixabay

The anonymous Internet user grabbed Reddit to tell his story. The young woman of 21 years specifies in her publication that each guest to wedding was authorized to take a person of his choice. The Internet user says that she came with her partner, while her 24-year-old sister came with her companion.

But when throwing bouquet , things turned sour. At the request of the bride, the Internet user and his companion, accompanied by the sister, came together to participate in this tradition. A joke not to be taken seriously thinks the Internet user, like many other people in the room.

She therefore joined the group by going to the front of the stage where the bride was, in order to take photos. When the bride tossed the bouquet, the budding photographer caught it in midair.

« I grabbed it while jumping. Another guest also grabbed it but let go insisting I got it first and should take it. I've only been with my girlfriend for a few months so it was more of a fun gesture not to be taken seriously. She laughed, I laughed and everyone dispersed to talk/eat again '. Except that this little incident will have a big consequence.

Internet users come to the aid of the young woman

Credit: virandek/ Pixabay

After catching the bouquet, the photographer's sister came to her, telling her she should never have done it. The reason ? She would not be in a relationship long enough to be able to claim to respect the tradition that the person who catches the bouquet will be the next bride.

« She had spoken to other guests our age who had commented on how happy our parents must be, saying that at least she would give them grandchildren and that I had to embarrass them all by doing such a stage. My parents later said the same thing was told to them “, specifies the Internet user.

What irritated him the most were the gossip that erupted during the festivities: “ The general feeling among my family and guests was that I was attracting unnecessary attention. To respect traditional beliefs and older guests, I should have come alone or not wearing matching clothes with my girlfriend to be considerate ».

Reasons that the young woman did not understand before asking the opinion of Internet users. The latter came to her rescue, indicating that she had done nothing wrong.