Secret Santa: 15 ideas for organizing it well

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-11 12:31:02

The countdown to Christmas has officially started and we are already thinking about the gifts to offer. Why not let yourself be tempted by a Secret Santa? Discover our 15 ideas for a square organization.

Impatience. This is the key word for all Christmas lovers this September. At this time of year, we are gradually approaching the Christmas holidays . Time to start thinking about gifts .

If the children are not going to delay preparing their list at Santa Claus , adults are already thinking about ideas. To change habits a bit, why not organize a Secret Santa with your family, friends or colleagues.

What is Secret Santa?

big trend in the USA , the Secret Santa is a tradition that can be found in companies , within families and sometimes even at school. The goal ? Offer an unusual and quirky gift to a person whose name has been drawn.

Before you go on a fun gift hunt, some rules are defined upstream : the budget, the type of gift, etc. On the day of unwrapping the gifts, they are placed on a table with the name of the recipient and/or that of the offeror. The offerer will reveal himself when the recipient opens his gift, according to a defined order.

If the trend pleases you, and makes you want to test it this year, discover our 15 ideas for organizing your Secret Santa .

Our advice for organizing your next Secret Santa - © iStock

Plan ahead to properly prepare your Secret Santa

For a perfect organization of your Secret Santa, it should be prepared well in advance. Exit therefore the organization 2 days before the holidays. The best is to organize your Secret Santa from November, so each participant has time to find the perfect gift.

Define the budget

A Secret Santa chain. Credit : Istock

There is no specific budget, it is up to you to define it. In general, the budget for Secret Santa with colleagues or friends is around 10/15€ maximum. When done within the same family, the budget may be higher. It is up to you whether or not to impose a price limit per participant.

Define the criteria

To complicate your Secret Santa a little more, you can define the mandatory criteria for gifts: unique color, similar patterns, etc.

Make a raffle

Before going on the hunt for gifts, the name of each participant must be written on a piece of paper, then placed in a ballot box. Each participant will then draw a name at random and will have to offer the gift to this person drawn at random.

Make a wishlist

To avoid unpleasant surprises, you can create a wishlist for each participant. You are sure that your Secret Santa will not be able to make a mistake in the choice of the gift.

Gifts to shop everywhere

For your Secret Santa, you have the choice between physical stores and online stores. Feel free to go there to try to find the perfect gift. In terms of personalized or offbeat gifts, Amazon offers a very wide selection of gadgets perfect for the event.

Gifts without a false note

Offer an original gift for secret santa. Credit: Istock

If you want to offer a gift that will please and above all that the recipient will use, there are ideas that can be considered safe bets. Among them: a mug, a photo frame, a green plant, a candle, a set of Christmas balls, chocolate, a tea or coffee box, sweets, or even a voucher in one of its favorite shops.

DIY gifts

Another category of gifts that may please, personalized gifts. If you like manual works, you are free to compose your gift. Pouch, cotton pads, tote bag, embroidery, macramé, jewelry, salt dough decoration or even cakes for the greediest.

personalized gifts

If, on the other hand, you are not very manual, bet on easily customizable gifts in store: a mug, a key ring, a pen, an apron, a cushion, a mouse pad, a photo album, etc. Ideas are not lacking !

Very WTF gifts

For the most offbeat among you, nothing better than to offer totally WTF gifts. The goal ? Have a good laugh with colleagues or friends. Our WTF gift ideas found on Amazon: an ugly Christmas sweater, a t-shirt for women or men with a message, a can opener of a naked man, sushi socks, a toilet brush with the image of a politician, or even socks with pictures of you.

A Secret Santa to do with your family or colleagues - © iStock

Choose a nice setting for the opening of gifts

Opening your Secret Santa's gifts will be a real moment of relaxation with friends or colleagues. IF you can organize it in your house with your family and friends, you can end up in a bar with your colleagues. Good evening guaranteed!

The right time to give gifts

With family, friends or business, the time to offer Secret Santa gifts may vary. As a family, it is best to wait until Christmas Day. With friends, why not organize an evening at home a few days before the end of year celebrations and holidays? Finally in business, again, take into account the holidays of each participant and propose a date that will suit everyone.

Organize an ugly sweater contest

In addition to your Secret Santa, and to bring even more laughs, why not have an ugly Christmas sweater contest. Another major American trend, this tradition is attracting more and more companies that lend themselves to the game.

Organize a Christmas outfit contest

An ugly Christmas sweater contest. Credit: Istock

If the idea of ​​ugly sweaters doesn't appeal to you, why not indulge in the idea of ​​the Christmas outfit contest. Hat, Santa Claus costume, elf costume, big white beard, etc., we play the card thoroughly!

Secret Santa Discreetly Swap

If luck smiled on you, this last idea is not for you. If, on the other hand, luck has not been on your side and you have drawn a co-worker that you don't like or with whom you are in conflict, you have two options. Either you decide to make peace once and for all. Either you try to discreetly exchange with another Secret Santa. We don't guarantee you'll get there, but you can always try.