Roger Federer retires at 41 and tennis will never be the same without him

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-16 11:51:01

Tennis player Roger Federer has decided to end his career. An announcement that marks the end of an era and an incomparable style.

Yesterday afternoon, shortly after 3 p.m., the small world of tennis and more broadly that of sport welcomed with nostalgia a predictable news that we would have preferred to learn as late as possible.

Tennis legend Roger Federer, 41, has announced his retirement sports, which will take effect on September 26 at the end of the Laver Cup, played in London.

Unable to regain his level and betrayed by a physique damaged by so many years of effort, the ex-world number one, who has not played a single match since Wimbledon 2021, said stop after more than 22 years. on the ATP circuit.

Unsurprisingly, the announcement of his retirement sparked many reactions from personalities and other anonymous people who hailed the career of this immense champion.

Unanimous tributes to the height of the class of the most elegant player that this sport has known, if not perhaps to have been the strongest. Roger will gladly leave this status to his lifelong best enemy Rafael Nadal, or to Novak Djokovic, who would surely already be the most successful of the three without convictions (or stubbornness, it depends) that it is not for us to judge. .

Crédit photo : Sydney Low / Icon Sport

End Clap for Roger Federer

Nevertheless, the retirement of the Swiss will leave a great void. It's the end of a fabulous chapter in the history of tennis. A page that all fans have so far refused to turn, despite obvious warning signs since he was only a shadow of himself.

But these last years, marked by recurring knee problems, will never erase his exploits or these magnificent emotions that he was able to give to an audience, all committed to his cause.

Taking stock, what remains of Roger Federer's legacy?

Beyond his incredible track record (103 titles including 20 Grand Slams, six Masters and 28 Masters 1000), it is above all this fantastic impression of grace and purity that he gave off on the courts which, without a doubt , will leave fans and profane orphans.

The elegance of his playing has made such an impression that it has become an argument of choice when the endless debates on the identity of the GOAT ('Greatest of all time', 'Le plus grand de tous les temps') return to the carpet.

Photo credit: Pixabay

Federer was a tennis aesthete, adept at an inimitable style that sometimes felt like time stood still when he played on the courts.

An inexplicable feeling that football fans know only too well, when they admire the genius of a Messi, the virtuosity of a Zinédine Zidane (we could have mentioned Dennis Bergkamp) or, for the oldest, the mastery of a Johan Cruijff or a Diego Maradona.

Roger Federer was to tennis what Michelangelo was to art, a godsend! And just like the latter, his career was a succession of masterpieces that will forever remain in the annals.

No player on the current circuit can claim their legacy, simply because there is only one Federer. The native of Basel is a unique specimen by his aura and this is also what differentiates him from all the others. Nobody can deny, for example, that there are obvious similarities between Rafael Nadal and his natural successor Carlos Alcaraz, the new star of world tennis, recent winner of the US Open at only 19 years old. But who can boast of being similar to Federer? Nobody.

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Is he the best tennis player in history? Difficult to say because many parameters come into play when it comes to approaching this endless debate.

But one thing is certain, it was, is and will remain the greatest and most elegant of them all. The records of each other will not change anything.

Farewell Roger and thank you for everything.

Photo credit : Wikimedia Commons