Polar fleeces offered to students to support the drop in temperature in class in this Normandy city

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-03 17:26:01

To compensate for lower heating in order to save energy, the mayor of a municipality in Normandy will offer fleeces to students.

Credit: Drazen Zigic/iStock

Temperatures drop, but not energy bills. To limit the risk of power cuts this winter, the government of Elisabeth Borne is striving to pass on the right gestures to the French.

Among the latter, opt for very warm sweaters rather than raising your thermostat and increasing your gas and electricity consumption. The government thus advises the French to limit the temperature of its interior to 19°C.

A temperature that can still be very low, especially for work. The schools are no exception to the rule and to support this decline, the mayor of Périers, in Normandy , decided to act.

Fleeces for students to withstand low classroom temperatures

Credit: Xfigpower/iStock

Gabriel Daube, mayor of Périers, in the Manche department, has allocated a budget of 5000 euros to the purchase of polar for the 350 kindergarten and primary students in his municipality. This initiative should allow parents, particularly in financial difficulty, to dress their children warmly for school.

« Children need to be in the best conditions to learn at school. If it can also allow children whose families cannot afford to be warm during classes, fine “Explained the mayor at the microphone of our colleagues from BFMTV.

These fleeces, bought by the town hall of Périers, are blue decorated with the logo of the town. They will be distributed to students in November.