Pink October: this bakery offers a breast-shaped cake to support a good cause

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-19 18:56:01

In Normandy, bakers have decided to sell a breast-shaped cake for Pink October. The solidarity operation, which will end at the end of October, has been a great success.

During the month of October, many events are organized throughout France to support research against breast cancer. Solidarity, and sometimes unusual, operations are carried out in many cities of the country to pink october , as is the case in Yvetot, in Normandy.

In this village, the Pouchin-Blondel bakery sells a cake like no other. The pastry chefs have indeed created a breast-shaped cake.

breast cake

To create their pastry, the cooks prepared a base of crunchy Breton shortbread with lemon, which they covered with compote and raspberry mousse to form a dome. At the top, they added sugar paste to form the nipple and thus create a cake in the shape of a breast.

Photo credit: Pouchin-Blondel Bakery

“I thought it would be nice if we made a cake for Pink October. I wanted to do something instantly recognizable.' , explained Sébastien Pouchin, the baker at the head of the shop.

A great success for Pink October

If the managers of the bakery had this idea, it is because one of their customers was the victim of a cancer be you Last year. The woman was the same age as the manager of the bakery, who was shocked by the news. Part of the profits collected by the bakers will be donated to the Henri-Becquerel cancer center in Rouen.

Photo credit: iStock

The operation carried out at the bakery has been a great success in Yvetot. Many customers come to the shop and are convinced by this solidarity pastry. In one morning, 70 cakes were sold and the bakers received many congratulations from their customers. If you live in the area, you have until the end of October to take advantage of it.

Source : Paris Normandy