PhD student shares advice on how she gets men to take her seriously at work

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-12 16:53:01

Are women taken less seriously than men at work? In any case, this is what a doctoral student says in a TikTok video, in which she gives advice on how to get rid of this prejudice.

Katie Tucci, 30, is a bright young woman. The latter holds a doctorate in law and specializes in the regulation of cryptocurrencies and financial technologies. Recently, she used her account TikTok to talk about a subject close to his heart: sexism in the world of work , and how to solve this problem.

Photo credit: Katie Tucci / Instagram

Overcoming mainstream sexism at work

In a video, viewed more than 3.9 million times, she shares advice on how women can get their colleagues to take them seriously in a professional setting. The doctoral student drew inspiration from her own experience to reveal her methods for making herself heard by her peers and male superiors, especially during meetings:

« I always start with a firm handshake (…) I always introduce myself with my name, my first name and the professional context. I strive to structure any assertion declaratively “, she explained.

Photo credit: Katie Tucci / TikTok

She also stressed the importance of sounding confident during a presentation: “ I never smile in a meeting (…) I am always the first to leave or end a meeting. And I don't react when someone seems surprised or impressed by my work “, she continued.

Adopt casual body language

Also according to him, the fact of deliberately adopting a relaxed body language is essential: “ I lean back, I put my hands behind my head, and I take notes on my knees (…) I discovered that this technique worked wonders ».

Photo credit: Istock

Finally, Katie Tucci advises her community not to be intimidated by disrespectful thoughts and other attitudes. She also recalls that sexist nicknames such as ' casserole », « dear ' or ' sweetie are not acceptable.

Source : Upworthy