Peru: A lion stays with his sick companion until the end

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-03 12:04:03

A scene as moving as heartbreaking occurred in Peru: a lion remained at the side of his sick companion until the end. The lioness died near him.

Leo and Muñeca were inseparable from their first meeting, and this complicity lasted throughout their relationship. And the least we can say is that the lion was very attached to his companion. Indeed, he watched over her until the end.

Leo and Muneca. Photo Credit: Animal Defenders International

The lion watches over the sick lioness

The two beasts and their children were saved from a circus in Peru in 2014 by the association Animal Defenders International (ADI). Since then, the lions have lived together for many years.

But their peaceful retirement was turned upside down when the lioness suddenly fell ill. For his part, Leo became even more protective of her:

« Leo always watched over Muñeca, but when she fell ill, he clearly knew something was wrong. He tried to encourage her to eat, and he seemed to comfort her “, said Jan Creamer, president of ADI, to the news site The Dodo.

Photo credit: Animal Defenders International

Photo credit: Animal Defenders International

Still according to him, the lion watched over his companion to help her feel better. One thing is certain: this behavior shows how much the king of the savannah cared for his partner.

Studies have shown that lions hug each other to strengthen their social bonds, and Leo and Muñeca have been caught cuddling on countless occasions during their relationship.

Photo credit: Animal Defenders International

Sadly, Muñeca passed away in September at the age of 19. Leo stayed by his side until the end. Sanctuary guardians watched him closely as he mourned the loss of the lioness. Faced with this situation, the feline received an avalanche of treats and little attentions to help him grieve.

Photo credit: Animal Defenders International

Although the loss of Muñeca was heartbreaking, the way Leo cared for her was a magnificent moment that everyone around him will remember for years to come.

Source : The Dodo