Perpignan: blood donor dogs urgently escorted by the police to save a dog in danger

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-12 16:21:02

In Perpignan, a veterinary clinic received an injured dog who needed an emergency transfusion. To cross the city in time, two blood donor dogs were escorted by police.

Thursday, September 8, in Perpignan, a seriously injured dog arrived at the city's veterinary clinic. At the end of the afternoon, the veterinarians called for help because the dog needed an emergency blood transfusion.

To have blood, it had to come from dogs of the same species as the injured female dog.

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The animal protection association “Un gîte, une bowl” saw the message from the veterinarians and immediately thought of two of its residents: Saiko and Soko, two male dogs of the same species as the female dog. Blood donors and in great shape, these two doggies were perfectly adapted to the situation.

Dogs escorted by the police

The transfusion sanguine had to be done urgently for the poor dog. However, at the end of the day in Perpignan, it can be very difficult to get around the city during rush hour. To arrive in time at the veterinary clinic and save the dog, the association did not hesitate to contact the police municipal. Explaining the situation, the police agreed and offered to help transport the dogs to the veterinary clinic.

“We had to be there by 6 p.m., I calculated that in the middle of the rush hour, we would not cross Perpignan in time. So I called the canine brigade of the municipal police of Perpignan, I explained the situation to them. , said Corinne Legrand, member of the association.

Thanks to the flashing lights installed on the vehicle, the police car was able to escape the traffic jams of the city and move quickly. Thus, the dogs arrived in time at the veterinary clinic and were immediately taken care of.

“It is obvious that without the help of the Perpignan dog brigade, we would not have arrived in time. The police were attentive and very professional, but above all they had a big heart” , the association said.

Saiko and Soko, the two blood donor dogs are in great shape, and the injured dog woke up from her operation the next day. Everything ended well thanks to this unexpected rescue and the help of the police.

Source : The Independent