Peppa Pig: for the first time, a lesbian couple appears in the famous children's cartoon

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-12 16:23:02

In a new episode of Peppa Pig broadcast a few days ago in the United Kingdom, viewers were able to discover a homoparental family made up of two mothers. A first for this famous cartoon for children.

Peppa Pig is a children's cartoon that chronicles the adventures of Peppa, a little sow who loves jumping in mud puddles. This cartoon is one of the most popular among toddlers and has been successful all over the world since it is broadcast in 180 countries.

Photo credit: Netflix

Launched in 2004, it is followed by millions of viewers in the United States alone and has 7 seasons and 369 episodes. In France, it is possible to watch Peppa Pig on France 5 and Netflix.

A homoparental family in Peppa Pig

In a new episode broadcast this Tuesday, September 6 in the United Kingdom and entitled “Families”, a novelty appeared in the cartoon. Penny, one of main character Peppa's friends, introduced her to her family , which consists of two mothers.

“I live with my mum and my other mum. A mom is a doctor and a mom cooks spaghetti » , can we hear in the cartoon.

Photo credit: Netflix

Later in the episode, we can see Penny's two moms pick her up from school.

A lesbian couple, a first in Peppa Pig

The fact that we can see a homoparental family is a first in Peppa Pig. This novelty has delighted LGBT rights activists.

' It's fantastic ! Many people who watch this cartoon have two moms or two dads, it means a lot to them that their experience is represented in such an iconic program for children. , said Robbie de Santos, of the association for the defense of the rights of LGBT people.

Photo credit: Netflix

Two years ago, a petition was created to demand the presence of a homoparental family in the cartoon .

'Excluding homoparental families from the program will teach children that only single-parent or hetero-parent families are normal' , could we read in the petition.

This petition had collected 24,000 signatures and the request has now been granted. While the appearance of a same-sex family is a first in Peppa Pig, it's not the first children's cartoon to include more diversity. In 2019, the animated series Arthur featured a marriage between two men.

Source : bfmtv