Over a billion young people at risk of becoming deaf, study finds

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-22 13:38:02

A recent scientific study has just revealed worrying figures: hundreds of millions of young people around the world are at risk of losing… their hearing. Explanations.

Tuesday, November 18, a study published in the scientific journal BMJ Global Health makes a chilling statement about young people and hearing loss.

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Dangerous Listening Practices

According to scientists, between 670 million and 1.35 billion young people around the world, aged 12 to 34, are at risk of damaging their hearing system due to the volume of their music being too high.

Always according to study , helmets, headphones, nightclubs or even concert halls are partly responsible for this health problem.

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« A single exposure to loud noise can cause damage to the hearing system which may be temporary. But over time, continued exposure can lead to noticeable and irreversible hearing loss. “, explains Lauren K. Dillard, the main author of the study and doctor at the Medical University of South Carolina (United States).

You may not know it, but professionals recommend not to exceed 85 decibels over 40 hours of listening in a week. The problem? This indication is not followed to the letter since adolescents and young adults listen to music too loudly, according to the study. As Le Progrès reminds us, for 100 decibels, the limit is 19 minutes.

Note that the results of the study are based solely on European and American data.

Source : Progress