'Our bodies aren't awkward, you're just disgusting': Viral video shows high school student speaking out against her school's dress code

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-14 12:01:02

In the USA, a high school student denounced her school's dress code which she considers sexist during a rally. His speech went viral on social media.

On September 8, Anastasia, a 16-year-old American high school student, became famous on the TikTok social network. The reason ? In a video, we see the young girl denouncing the dress code from her school that she considers sexist during an assembly.

Credit Photo: @anastasiakits / TikTok

« Why does this school insist on asking girls to cover their shoulders or belly when all these things are natural “, she says to a member of the staff of the establishment.

The latter also ensures that girls with large breasts are subject to a stricter dress code than others: “ This is completely sexist, biased and unacceptable “Explains Anastasia to her interlocutor.

Credit Photo: @anastasiakits / TikTok

“Our bodies are not embarrassing”

Unsurprisingly, his post, titled “ Our bodies aren't awkward, you're just disgusting , went viral with over 4.9 million views and thousands of reactions. In the comments, Internet users congratulate the courage of Anastasia and share their own experience.

« Once, there were two girls who wore tank tops. One was much bigger than the other. The tallest was sent home because of her tank top “revealed a user.

In the second part of the clip, Anastasia reveals the staff's justifications for her statement. According to the high school, the body teacher do not do ' only apply a policy that appears in the rules of procedure ».

« This is not the way we see things (…) There are people who want to challenge it, and staff members feel uncomfortable '. And the least we can say is that this justification has not passed. Indeed, several users criticized the administrator for claiming that staff were “uncomfortable” with high school girls’ outfits:

« As a teacher, if the students' clothes make the staff uncomfortable, the same staff do not need to be in the presence of minors », « It's because adults sexualize young women when they need to focus on raising them. “, can we read among the many comments.

Source : Daily Dot