On the night of Friday, October 21, don't miss the Orionid meteor shower

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-21 16:09:02

On the night of Friday, October 21, the rain of shooting stars from the Orionids will illuminate the sky. It will be possible to observe about twenty meteors per hour.

Although summer is over, it is still possible to admire showers of shooting stars in the sky. Like every year, the shooting stars of the Orionides light up the sky in October. If the event can be seen for several weeks, the peak of activity of this shower of shooting stars will take place this year on the night of Friday, October 21.

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This evening, it will be possible to observe about twenty shooting Stars per hour. Some might even be colored.

Orionid meteor shower

Orionid shooting stars are so called because they come from the same direction as the constellation Orion. This phenomenon occurs when the debris following Halley's Comet comes into contact with Earth. When it enters our atmosphere, this dust disintegrates and catches fire, which leaves a long blazing trail in the sky and forms a shooting star.

“It is dust, moving at some 67 km/second, which, on entering our atmosphere, disintegrates and burns, creating this magnificent visual that we call a shooting star” , explained Gilles Dawidovicz, vice-president of the astronomical society of France.

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If you cannot free yourself this evening or if the weather conditions are not favorable, know that it is possible to observe the shooting stars of the Orionids until the beginning of November. For astronomy enthusiasts, this shower of shooting stars will be followed by a eclipse partial view of the Sun which will take place on October 25 and will be visible in France.

In order to enjoy tonight's show and see as many shooting stars as possible, it is advisable to look east, as low as possible at horizon level, from 8 p.m. The Moon will not be bright and the conditions will be favorable to admire the spectacle. Be sure to stay away from any light pollution, make yourself comfortable and take something to cover yourself with. And of course, don't forget to make a wish!

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