Nursing home apologizes for hiring str*p-t*aseuse to entertain residents

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-14 18:22:06

In Taiwan, a retirement home was forced to apologize for hiring a …str*p-t*aseuse! The latter was observed dancing on the knees of the residents.

On September 7, a funny scene took place at the Taoyuan Veterans Home, in Taiwan . Indeed, the establishment, which welcomes retired soldiers, has hired a str*p-t*aseuse to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. And the least we can say is that the performance of the young woman amused the residents.

Photo Credit: Viral Press

Photo credit: Viral Press

A fiery number that does not pass

In a video filmed by a member of staff, the dancer is seen dressed in a pair of heels and fine lingerie performing a lap dance number for a resident in a wheelchair.

But that's not all ! The latter continues the suggestive poses before allowing the pensioner to touch his chest, thus provoking a rain of encouragement from the staff. Once the show was over, the lucky lucky got a kiss on the top of his head.

Photo Credit: Viral Press

Photo credit: Viral Press

Unsurprisingly, the clip - shared on social media - quickly went viral. But the performance also came under fire. Faced with this situation the retirement home was forced to apologize in a public statement.

« The goal of the event was to entertain the residents and make them happy. We are truly sorry for the offense that has been caused “Said the spokesperson for the establishment.

Still according to her words, the movements of the str*p-t*aseuse were “ too enthusiastic and inflamed “, adding in passing that the staff will show themselves” more careful when organizing future events.

Photo credit: Viral Press

Since then, hundreds of people have taken to Facebook to share their views on the matter: Grandpa looks like he's having fun. It also seems like everyone else is clapping, let them have fun », « It's stupid and ridiculous. Why not treat them properly? With dignity, respect and honor “, can we read among the many comments.

Source : LADbible