Norway: this video shows babies sleeping outside in the middle of...winter!

Author: Clark Tos
2023-02-27 16:37:01

On TikTok, a video showing babies napping outside in Norway has gone viral.

Olly Bowman, 22, is an Australian who lives in Norway . And the least we can say is that the young man has trouble adapting to the customs of his adopted country.

In a video posted on TikTok, the latter filmed babies doing the siesta outside, in prams, in the middle of February: Aren't there bad people out there? “asked the author of the publication.

Unsurprisingly, his post quickly went viral. In total, the clip garnered over 13.8 million views and nearly 17,000 comments within days.

The “Nordic siesta”: a common practice in Norway

You may not know it, but letting a baby sleep outside in the middle of winter is quite common in the Nordic countries. This practice - 100 years old - is known as the 'Nordic siesta'.

« It is a practice that goes back a long way when traditional houses were made of peat and poorly ventilated, cooking was done indoors over a covered fire. It was considered better for children to be outside “Explains Petur, a 38-year-old Icelander, quoted by the magazine .

Obviously, the toddlers who take a nap outside are well muffled: several layers of wool, hat, mittens or even sheepskin blankets. The “Nordic siesta” would allow them to breathe and air better. But that's not all ! This technique would also strengthen their immune defenses.

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In a second video, the expat asks parents if they feel comfortable leaving their children to sleep alone outside: “ It depends on where you are”, “I know people do that here, but we haven’t done it (…) “, can we read among the reactions. Note that parents always keep an eye on their offspring, and that the crime rate in Norway is extremely low.

In the comments, many US users claimed that they would never feel safe enough to let their children sleep outside.

Photo credit: istock

Source : Daily Mail