Normandy: a couple wins a jackpot of two million euros on a slot machine

Author: Clark Tos
2023-02-28 11:38:08

The world is divided into two categories: lucky people and others. This couple belongs to the first. The reason ? He won a jackpot of two million euros at the Forges-les-Eaux casino (Normandy).

The night of Tuesday to Wednesday February 22, 2023 reserved a huge surprise for a couple. Indeed, the two lovebirds won the sum of 2,300,910 euros in the casino of Forges-les-Eaux (Seine-Maritime), reports Paris-Normandy.

Photo Credit: Forges-les-Eaux Casino

As the regional daily reports, the couple decided to drop by the casino around 7 p.m., after taking a walk on the coast of Étretat:

« These are customers who come two to three times a month and play 50 euros per visit “Said Thomas Braquehais, marketing director of the establishment, to the information site.

“They stayed on the seat for 20 minutes”

On site, the regulars have set their sights on a slot machine Megapot. A wise choice since the two Normans won the jackpot an hour after their arrival.

« They stayed on the seat for 20 minutes (…) The other customers came around the machine, there was an emulation “Explained the general manager of the Domaine de Forges-les-Eaux.

Before adding: We reassured the winners, by answering their questions, what they experienced was unique in their lives. I don't think they realized it at the time.'

Photo Credit: illustration image/istock

Since that magical night, the new millionaires plan to get married at the Casino de Forges and buy a house near the Arcachon basin. One thing is certain: they will realize their wishes for sure!

Source : Paris-Normandy