Noises, gunshots, violations: a wedding procession degenerates and pushes the mayor to cancel the ceremony

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-10 12:50:01

Near Strasbourg, a wedding procession degenerated and was the subject of much noise, gunshots and traffic violations. The mayor of the village therefore decided to cancel the wedding ceremony.

In Illkirch-Graffenstaden, near Strasbourg, a couple who had planned to marry organized a large procession in the village to celebrate their union. Everything was going well until many excesses occurred in the procession.

The parade was very noisy in the usually quiet village, traffic violations were observed as well as shooting blanks.

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After the procession , the mayor of the city Thibaud Philipps took a radical decision by canceling the wedding ceremony.

“I was alerted by local residents and the operational center of the national police that heavy speeding with large cars was taking place and that the Highway Code was not respected at all. And above all, there were suspicions of gunshots. I couldn't let this pass , decided the mayor. I believe that when you do not respect the rules of the Republic, you cannot benefit from its institutions. »

He cancels the wedding ceremony

When the bride and groom arrived at the town hall after the procession, they were surprised by the welcome of the mayor who refused to meet them. marry . About thirty police officers were present, three men were arrested and the anti-crime squad went to the scene.

“When I arrived, the BAC was there and arrested three men from the vehicle from which the blank shots came. , explained the mayor. The weapon was even found on one of them and according to my information, he would still be in custody. »

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The decision to cancel the wedding ceremony was welcomed by the inhabitants of the village, shocked by the procession, but not by the bride and groom. However, no scandal occurred, given the number of police present on the spot. So, if the couple wants to get married again, they will have to go through the whole application procedure again… and behave better during the parade.

Source : 20 Minutes