Nîmes: at 83, he pretended to be a postman and defrauded nonagenarians

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-31 08:49:46

In Nîmes, an 83-year-old man was arrested for fraud. His victims: nonagenarians whom he attacked by posing as a postman in order to steal their bank cards.

Credit: Philippe Pauchet / SO

It was our colleagues from France Bleu Gard Lozère who revealed this astonishing affair. Indeed, the man had made himself a fake postman outfit to defraud women over 90 years old. Well known to the police, he had already been convicted for similar offenses 12 times. Like what, appearances should not be trusted and age is no guarantee of benevolence or wisdom.

To abuse the confidence of the nonagenarians at whose homes he was knocking, the crook had set up a formidable stratagem. Once the future victims had kindly opened their doors, the latter explained that they had to change their credit card because it had become defective and that one of his colleagues would come by later to solve the problem, but that in the meantime , you had to put the credit card and the secret code in an envelope.

Cleverly, he then diverted their attention by creating a diversion and taking advantage of these few moments of hesitation to replace the envelope with another envelope, completely identical visually, but empty. You know the rest, once the old ladies realized the deception, the fake La Poste employee had already been around for a long time and could withdraw money from their accounts without any difficulty.

Credit: ilkaydede / iStock

L'escroc risque la prison

Finally, thanks to the video surveillance cameras present in the ATMs, the man could be spotted while he was making a fraudulent withdrawal of 300 euros. Quickly, the investigators in charge of the case realized that the 83-year-old crook was not at his first attempt and they were able to arrest him before his trap closed on other victims.

The Nîmes public prosecutor's office, seized in this case, estimated that the false factor could not remain free because of his numerous recidivism and requested his placement in pre-trial detention pending his immediate appearance which will take place on Monday, October 31. According to the law, he faces up to 14 years in prison for the charges against him.