New Zealand wants to tax... cow farts that emit too many greenhouse gases

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-13 12:11:02

When it comes to the fight against global warming, all battles are equal. To limit the gas emissions produced by… cow farts, New Zealanders have therefore decided to act. Details.

You may not know it but when they fart, the cows French cars produce as much greenhouse gas in one year as 15 million cars!

This may make you smile, but it is nevertheless a reality. The rumination and digestion of bovids generate pets harmful substances that emit large quantities of methane, a gas 25 times warmer than CO2.

Faced with this environmental problem, many countries are considering limiting these emissions without however finding real solutions.

But the will is there.

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To reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, New Zealand wants to tax cow farts

Determined to contain the impact of bovine flatulence, the New Zealand is considering, for example, taxing cow farts.

The Oceania country, which has a herd of 6 million cattle, wants to become the first nation to introduce a tax system aimed at reducing agricultural greenhouse gas emissions.

A bill to this effect was made on Tuesday, October 11.

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« The proposal means that New Zealand farmers will be the first in the world to reduce agricultural emissions, giving our biggest export market a competitive advantage in a world increasingly concerned about where his food “said New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, in remarks reported by France Inter.

All of this is still only in draft form, but New Zealand intends to tackle the problem, hoping to find an agreement next year for the introduction of a tax in 2025.

Case to follow!

Source : France Inter