New York: 500 drones fly in the sky to celebrate 10 years of Candy Crush

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-08 19:14:02

In New York, residents were treated to an amazing spectacle: 500 drones lit up the sky to mark the 10th anniversary of the famous game Candy Crush.

Thanks to the development of new technologies, drones are increasingly used. They can be used as a hobby to gain height and film magnificent landscapes, but they can also be a security tool.

The drones are used in particular to help firefighters in reconnaissance on an intervention, to film swimming beaches likely to shelter sharks, and to fight fires during periods of drought.

Photo credit: @Reuters

However, drones can also be used for entertainment purposes, replacing fireworks, but also for advertising. This is what happened this Thursday, November 3 at New York .

500 drones in the New York sky

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the famous Candy Crush game, the brand's marketing director said she wanted “turning the sky into the biggest screen on the planet” . The objective was undoubtedly achieved as 500 drones flew in the skies of New York at Liberty State Park, a popular place for photographers to take pictures of the Statue of Liberty and Manhattan Island.

For about ten minutes, the drones flew in the sky and hundreds of bright and colorful dots formed iconic designs of the game. Spectators could also see the logo and the name of the game forming in the sky. If this impressive spectacle dazzled some inhabitants, it was not unanimously accepted.

Flying drones over New York City is usually prohibited. For the occasion, the Candy Crush company received a special exemption and flew its devices over the Hudson River. For some, this spectacle was nothing more than visual pollution.

A danger to wildlife

For others, the use of drones over the river posed a danger to local wildlife. Animal advocates have claimed the devices may have disturbed birds from Canada, which use the river's migratory route to travel.

“The Hudson is an important migration route for birds and luckily it was dark. To arrive like this without thinking about the impacts on the environment and the birds that will fly in the same airspace as these drones is surprising” , said Dustin Partridge, director of conservation and science at Audubon, an organization that fights for the protection of fauna and flora in New York.

Photo credit: @Reuters

Although it was impressive, this show highlighted the problems associated with the use of drones, which could become more and more.

Source : bfmtv