Netflix will charge people who use a friend's account as early as 2023

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-19 19:03:02

Netflix continues its fierce fight against users who share their account. From 2023, the platform should put in place a plan to fight against password sharing. The streaming giant wants to force out-of-home people to pay for their own subscription.

Credit: wutwhanfoto/iStock

Netflix could end account sharing at the beginning of 2023. The platform of streaming holds the shared accounts responsible for the loss of the company's earnings. She also points to this fraudulent practice, oh so used around the world, to explain the record loss of subscribers at the beginning of the year.

To compensate for these losses, the brand with the red N has therefore taken the lead. During its financial results presentation on October 18, Netflix said: We've come up with a thoughtful approach to monetizing account sharing and we'll start rolling it out more widely from early 2023 ».

Additional charges for out-of-home viewers watching Netflix

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This approach has mainly been tested in Latin America: in Costa Rica, Peru and Chile. Last April, the platform charged additional fees to add out-of-home people to an account.

So, everyone who appears on the 'Who's Watching?' » of the platform and who do not live in your household, will cost you more. ' After listening to consumer feedback, we are going to offer the option for borrowers to transfer their Netflix profile to their own account, and for sharers to more easily manage their devices and create sub-accounts (“additional member”), if they want to pay for their family or friends », assure Netflix.

This plan could also allow Netflix to avoid increasing its prices to compensate for the losses generated by account sharing. The additional cost when testing in Latin America was $2.99 ​​when viewers were watching a program outside the designated household. Upcoming prices for France and Europe have not yet been detailed by Netflix.