Netflix's Dahmer series already dethroned by another harrowing story a month after its release

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-18 15:27:02

Released on September 21, the series centered on Jeffrey Dahmer was a hit on Netflix. Only a month after its release, it has already been dethroned by another series from the same director.

On September 21, a new mini-series was shared on Netflix: Dahmer - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story . As its name suggests, this program directed by Ryan Murphy reveals the life of Jeffrey Dahmer , notorious serial killer.

The series traces the difficult childhood of the serial killer , his crimes until his conviction. This program quickly became a hit on Netflix because for a month, it was among the top 10 most viewed content on the platform.

Photo credit: Netflix

But everything is going very quickly on Netflix, since this mini-series has already been dethroned by another, barely a month after its release. And the new program in question is from the same director.

The Watcher is a hit on Netflix

The new series that is a hit on Netflix was also directed by Ryan Murphy, famous for his horror series like American Horror Story , Feud or Ratched . The new program called  The Watcher  was released on the streaming platform on October 13. In just a few days, this content has dethroned Jeffrey Dahmer's story and ranks among the top 10 most viewed programs.

Photo credit: Netflix

The Watcher contains 7 episodes and is inspired by a true story. The series retraces the news item that upset the Broaddus spouses. In 2014, the couple bought a house in New Jersey, in a quiet neighborhood. However, they will be victims of a crow which will observe them and send them threatening letters.

Today, investigators still do not know who this disturbing observer was. For this reason, it is not known whether The Watcher will have a Season 2. As Halloween approaches, feel free to turn to these creepy programs if you want to shiver in dread.

Source : Tele-Leisure