Namibia: Mother elephant spotted carrying baby's remains

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-03 19:11:02

At the end of October, an unusual and heartbreaking scene was captured in Namibia: an elephant was spotted carrying the remains of her baby elephant for two days.

On October 29, safari guides in Namibia saw a female elephant carrying the lifeless body of his baby elephant. An extremely rare and heartbreaking spectacle that reminds us that animals are aware of family ties.

Credit Photo: Namibia's Twyfelfontein Country Lodge

Striking and moving images

According to William Stegmann, marketing manager at Namibia Lodges, the little pachyderm was born on October 27 into a herd of elephants that lives near the Huab River: “ From the first day, the baby showed weaknesses and had trouble keeping up with others “, he explained. According to him, the group to which he belonged traveled long distances to reach a drinking water point.

Photos of the baby elephant were captured on the morning of October 29. On the pictures, we see the elephant carrying her deceased baby with the help of her trunk. As the magazine reports Geo , the two-day-old mammal lost its life due to the drought in Africa.

Credit Photo: Namibia's Twyfelfontein Country Lodge

But that's not all ! The mother elephant then placed the remains of her baby at the foot of a shrub. This behavior suggests that pachyderms are able to show signs of mourning after the loss of one of their own.

Credit Photo: Namibia's Twyfelfontein Country Lodge

Source : Getaway