'My husband sees you': she takes out the trash without pants and receives a surprising message from her neighbor

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-10 17:12:02

A young woman recently shared the message sent to her by her neighbor and its content is amazing to say the least.

When we take out the trash cans , we are not taking part in a fashion show.

It is therefore normal not to pay attention to what you wear when you have to perform this chore.

But everyone is obviously not of this opinion and a certain Emily has just learned it at her expense.

Photo credit: @emilyk8zz / TikTok screenshot

She takes out her trash without pants, her neighbor blames her

This young woman thus told on TikTok that she took out her trash cans without wearing pants and that this habit did not please her… neighbor .

The latter thus sent a word to Emily urging her to put on a stocking when she throws her garbage because her legs, a little too bare for her taste, seem to attract the eye of her spouse.

« Hello, my husband sees you on our surveillance camera. Please wear trousers when taking out your trash “, she wrote to him.

A funny missive for Emily who however preferred to take the message with humor. The young woman indeed replied with irony, indicating that taking out the trash in this way did not bother her, adding in passing that she was doing well.

As expected, his publication did not fail to react on social networks. If some Internet users have admitted not understanding the reaction of the neighbor, others have on the other hand suggested to Emily to cover herself more, not understanding that one can take out the trash without pants .

Everyone will have their own opinion.