Morbihan: a retiree finds a boletus weighing almost 2 kg!

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-04 19:41:03

At the end of October, a retiree picked an impressive 1.7 kilogram boletus in the town of Mendon (Morbihan).

Guy Cado, a retiree from Morbihan, will never forget the afternoon of Friday October 28, 2022. The reason? This inhabitant of Brech picked a boletus of impressive size, report our colleagues from Telegram.

Photo credit: Jérôme Cado / Le Télégramme

Dimensions that make the picker happy

As the regional daily specifies, this regular in the fall picking has found the mushroom on an embankment bordering the road to Mendon. And the least we can say is that the Breton did not expect to come across such a specimen.

Armed with his already full basket, the retiree collected his find before weighing it at home. Result: the boletus has a diameter of 30 centimeters and a weight of 1.789 kilograms.

Photo credit: Jérôme Cado / Le Télégramme

« Such a beautiful one, I hadn't made one! », explained Guy Cado au site d’information. « The summer boletus came late this year. It was very dry, automatically they came out ».

Still according to information from the Telegram, the boletus will not be consumed. One thing is certain: the mushroom season makes the Brechois happy: 'This morning, I left where I had found it,' he said.

Before adding: In a quarter of an hour, on the meadow just 50 meters from my vehicle, I filled an entire basket of porcini mushrooms ».

In September, a walker discovered a boletus of 3 kilos in the forest of Saint-Maurice-sur-Moselle, in the Vosges.

Source : The Telegram