Moms wake up most often at night for their baby, study finds

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-16 12:50:01

According to an Ifop study, parents are not equal when it comes to getting up at night when their baby is crying, because women get up more often than men.

This Thursday, September 15, Ifop published a new study to find out which parent in a couple got up most often to see their crying baby at night.

According to the study, mothers are the ones who get up the most often. To achieve these results, Ifop interviewed 1,001 parents of children under 3 years old.

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78% of mothers get up at night

According to the results, two women parents out of 3 believe they get up more often than their spouse at night. 78% of mothers say they are the ones who get up at night, and 44% of them would even be the only ones to get up in their couple.

'Within this mental load, the inequalities of distribution widen according to their nature: they are less important when it is a question of changing the diaper or reading a story than when it is necessary to face an emergency, to an unforeseen situation. In this case, it is the woman who intervenes. , explained Louise Jussian, in charge of studies at the Gender, Sexualities and Sexual Health pole at Ifop.

Fathers pretend to sleep

If women stand up, fathers are 55% pretending to sleep so that you don't have to. Only 44% of mothers have already used this technique. Of all the parents, 48% of them have already done comedy.

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Mothers would also be more reactive when their baby cries because they would take on average 4 minutes and 30 seconds to reach him, against 8 minutes for fathers.

In order not to create an imbalance in the couple, 63% of parents have set up a rotation system, so that it is not always the same person who gets up at night and who suffers from fatigue.

Source : Sleepyz