Missing for 13 months, this cat was found 600 km away, near his former home

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-07 16:16:04

A cat, thought to be extinct, resurfaced 13 months later hundreds of miles from its home. This is the unusual story of the day!

The disappearance of a pet is a tragedy from which some households are struggling to recover. But when such an ordeal has a happy ending, the joy is at least as strong as the initial sadness.

The De Amicis family can attest to that!

The latter was indeed able to find her cat gone, more than a year after losing her.

Disappeared for 13 months, this cat resurfaces 600 km from her home

Baptized Cocci, this 10-year-old female had thus taken to their heels one fine day in August 2021.

Shortly before this disappearance, the De Amicis family had moved to Normandy, in the department of Orne, after having lived for a long time in a small village in the Meuse. A detail that is important since little Cocci was finally found not far from there, more than 600 kilometers from her home.

It was by falling by chance on a recent publication of the 'Pet Alert' site that its owners were able to recover it, 13 months after its disappearance.

The cat had therefore traveled all this distance to return to its old home.

A journey that was not without consequences because Cocci was thin and covered with fleas when she was discovered by a lady who took her to a veterinarian.

Since then, she has regained her strength to the delight of her owners, very happy to have recovered her safe and sound.

Photo credit: France 3 / Screenshot

Source : France 3